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“Winning the Pick 6 requires a proven, time-tested road map!

Mastering the pick 6 means mastering the steps that you take to get there. Miss out on one of those steps and the whole deck of cards comes crashing down...


RE: Winning the pick 6



The exotic bets like the pick 6 requires guts to win: It takes time to handicap, time to check the odds, time to check the scratchings, time to fill out forms, time to travel to the track or off-course tote. And it takes money to play. And the losing sequences can put you off playing altogether! Yet people keep playing the pick 6 because it's where the serious money is. And, more importantly, someone is taking these exotic bets down!

But if you don't know what you are doing, or aren't sure, the pick 6 isn't the place to do it. Rock climbing or catching alligators with your bare hands may be more attractive alternatives!

The pain that comes with a series of pick 6 losses is enough to pull your own teeth with a pair of pliers. Particularly when your horse gets beat in the last leg by one that figures. Man! You lose the pick 6 with a 4-1 shot and you wonder why you never included that horse. And to add insult to injury, you nailed the second-last leg with a 20-1 shot!

And so it goes, near misses, incorrectly completed forms, late scratchings, days cancelled because of bad weather, car breaking down on your way to the track, traffic jams, internet connectivity down, betting phone lines engaged. The potential for chaos just keeps stacking up.

No wonder players struggle to win the pick 6!

“Now what would happen if you gained access to the strategies and tools used by the expert pick 6 players?”...

Playing only when you have an edge...

Playing with accuracy and control...

Playing with a step by step approach that reduces the chaos...

Playing with multi-ticket tools that make your task far simpler...

Calculating the potential payoff BEFORE you play...

Deciding when to play...

What about carryforwards? Should I only be playing in those?

What role does handicapping play?

Should I use a single banker or not?

These strategies and tools are based on exhaustive analysis of 1000s of pick 6 results...

No guesswork here:  Either a strategy works or it doesn't. Either it is grounded in flights of fantasy or one can look at any pick 6 result and see a pattern that shows what that result is made of.

How many favorites?

How many mid-priced runners?

How many outsiders?

Pick 6 after pick 6 exhibits certain characteristics that are definable.

Find out what they are and immediately improve your plays!

Now what solution am I offering you?...

You enter odds manually using your favorite odds site.

You can rank horses based on the odds.

You can put runners into various categories.

You can fix single bankers.

You can generate tickets.

You can reduce tickets based on several reduction filters.

You can save tickets, odds and distribution.

You have complete control of the color-coded runners.

Here is a video of the software (please note the automatic fetching of web based odds is no longer supported-you enter the odds manually, using your favorite odds site):


Winning Pick 6 Strategies pdf ebook (now available on Amazon as a Kindle Book value)

Based on an analysis of 1000s of pick 6 results.

Incorporates master strategies

Chapter on the Rules of Engagement

Chapter on Value

Chapter on the Winning Psyche

Download a free Chapter

As you can see with the Exotabet software and Winning Pick 6 Strategies in your arsenal, you can improve your play almost immediately, but you don't just have to take my word for it...

See What These Very Happy Customers Have To Say About Exotabet© and the book!

"Tried it out today on Santa Anita and won the consolation 5 of 6 ( 3 times). I also won 2 small pick sixes shortly after that."

MarkK, USA

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"I only played with it a few days as I was busy with a few other things but I did hit a couple of placepots!"

I think it's just going to take the headache out of the perming of my own selections combined with the software picks. I had won a few hundred pounds so only felt it right to signup!

DaveM, UK

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"I think it is a good piece of work!"(Winning Pick 6 Strategies book)

Michael Pizzola, Attorney and Author of Handicapping Magic

Okay, so to summarise. What do you get with your purchase?

The Exotabet software which allows you to enter odds, distribute runners based on their odds, generate tickets and filter tickets the way you want! In addition you can set the parameters that determine how tickets are generated. And more.

The ebook: Winning Pick 6 Strategies jam- packed with valuable pick 6 information.

Any one of the above products alone will sharpen your game and make you a more effective player. Just the strategies book alone will reduce your playing cost. The pick 6 is about smart, multiple ticket playing and minimising losing runs which eat up bankrolls like Pacman on steroids. No wonder people struggle to win this bet!

Think about it for a moment. How much do you spend on any given pick 6 in one month? $500, $1000, more? Now you have the opportunity to slash your playing cost, retain high probability tickets, play only in the pick sixes where YOU have an edge (this strategy is explained in my book).

1-year Guarantee

But if you insist that, despite getting

All my strategies,

Secrets and step by step guide,

Exotabet software and Winning Pick6 Strategies

All for $149,

your pick 6 play has not improved after 1 year, then I will refund you, no questions asked!

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Best of success,

Llewellin RG Jegels

P.S. Conquer the Mount Everest of exotic racing by playing and winning the way expert players do.

P.P.S. Remember if your pick 6 betting results remain unchanged after 1 year you get your money back, no questions asked.

Risk Free Acceptance Form:

Yes, Llewellin, I want to be a better pick 6 player and master the strategies that expert players use!

"I understand that by acting today I will be able to get my hands on these cutting edge strategies and all the accompanying tools..."

"I understand that if after 1 year I have not improved as a pick 6 player then I can ask for a refund, no questions asked..."

"It is on that basis that I am clicking the secure order button below and entering my credit card details this instant!"

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